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The primary mission of the Cache Valley Humanitarian Center is to identify unmet needs of area residents and to strive to meet those needs through networking, collaborating, and coordinating with non-profits & school districts, then managing and distributing valued items.


  1. Help other Cache Valley non-profits and school districts meet a variety of their individual identified needs;
  2. Provide a location where community volunteers come together to help meet residents’ needs and produce needed items;
  3. Promote self-reliance, independence, and community-mindedness;
  4. Create a focal point where individuals’, businesses’, corporations’, religious and governmental resources will be channeled to serve residents’ unmet needs.
volunteers organizing school supplies in backpacks

“Thanks for all you do. You and your team have proven to be professional and thorough. Your services are just what Cache Valley needed!”

Dr. Sheryl Goodey

The Family Place

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Thank you for helping us change lives!

The Cache Valley Humanitarian Center is currently seeking funds and/or donations to keep our lights on! (Literally!) We need your help to:

  1. Find a building to lease (around 10,000 sq. ft) which will be used for production, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.
  2. Purchase sewing machines, quilting frames & stands, and other production items.
  3. Pay rent, utilities, insurance, and fees.